Shifty's Classic Seasoning - 180 Gram Container

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-Clean Ingredients

-No Additives

-Gluten Free

-No MSG-NON-GMO Project Verified

-100% USA Made Recycled & Environmentally Friendly Container

-Produced in house for highest quality control
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Product features

This Premium All-Purpose Seasoning will improve your favorite dish and bring the flavor as a low sodium salt and pepper alternative.


Built on 5 clean ingredients with zero additives for the ultimate refined and powerful flavor - Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt, Onion Powder, and Coffee.

Why Coffee?

Coffee does a spectacular job of complimenting without overwhelming foods. The acidity levels in coffee work like the tannins in wine to generate heightened flavor profiles. In the case of cooking meats or roasting vegetables this acidity in coffee works to tenderize the food while simultaneously creating an outer crust to lock the moisture and flavors inside.

Commitment to Sustainability

Local & Sustainable Packaging - This product is packaged in a recycled paper tube container with plastic inserts on the top and bottom, each of these components are produced domestically. We are very proud of our product and its packaging which has reduced our plastic output by 65% over our previously imported plastic containers.

The reviews are in

“Yes. Shifty doesn’t lie about his products. It’s delicious! Great tasting on any food, really. I find the coffee works as a great meat tenderizer, as well.” -Judith S.

“This seasoning is one of the best I've ever purchased. I use it for all sorts of food in my cooking. It makes everything so flavorful. I would highly recommend Shifty's Seasoning!” -Jan

“If I could only have one seasoning, this would be it! It’s great on everything, vegetables, chicken, pork, beef and seafood! I take it with me to restaurants, camping, vacations!” -Amazon Customer

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